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The Importance of a Proper Contract

Apr 8, 2020 TRUEHOME Roofing Team

There’s so much talk about choosing the right contractor but the importance of a proper contract is almost never addressed. While many don’t like contracts and it’s said that “contracts are for suckers”, the State of Massachusetts requires several protections for homeowners to be included in a contractor between them and a contractor.

Some of the requirements that need to be included above and beyond the standard scope of work, payment schedule and start/ finish date:

Right to cancel clause: the state says that homeowners have 3 days to cancel from the date of signing the contract. Explanation of homeowners rights including exclusions from these rights by hiring a non registered and unlicensed contractor. Did the contractor ask you to pull the permit? If so, they’re probably not properly licensed. By pulling your own permit, you lose all protections from the Home Improvement Guaranty Fund. Contractor should assume sole responsibility for completing work in a timely and workmanlike manner.

Many home improvement projects cost $10,000 or more so make sure you protect yourself with a proper contract. To learn more, visit this site.

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