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What Goes Into

the Cost to Install or Replace Your Roof?

The Contractor You Hire – If your contractor runs a sophisticated business and has overhead including an office outside the home, multiple trucks, insurance, licenses, and software to run their business, they’ll likely cost a little more than the average contractor in a truck.

Labor – Proper installation and craftsmanship are key to the longevity of your new roof. Our certified crews install your roof according to strict manufacturer installation instructions. Labor costs can vary depending on the complexity and condition of your roof.

Materials – We are a certified contractor working with several of the top roofing materials brands. Not every shingle is created equal, so we offer the best shingle packages for every budget, taste, and need.

Warranties – We offer extended warranties, some of which provide full replacement coverage for manufacturing defects on your shingles and all roofing components for 50 years. Some warranties also include workmanship coverage from the manufacturer, which means they trust we will properly install their products.

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The proofing project cost for new roof installations or roof replacement is calculated in dollars per square foot. According to industry statistics, replacing a roof costs, on average, $5,250-$10,500.

The cost of your roof replacement will vary depending on the products and warranty you choose as well as the complexity of your roof. Heavier shingles with extended warranties cost slightly more than standard shingles.

Complex roofs that are high, steep, and have multiple hips and valleys will cost more than a simple low pitch roof on a ranch house.

An average Massachusetts homeowner should be expecting to spend around $7,875 on replacing 1,500 sq. ft. of a roof with asphalt shingles on a 2-story home with a chimney. A 3,000 sq.ft. roof replacement cost should be estimated around $15,850 and a 2,000 sq. ft. roof installation costs are close to $10,750.

We have over 30 years of experience in roofing in Central MA, South of NH, Northwest parts of RI, and Northeast parts of CT. We use modern technology to obtain the most accurate measurements and to provide the most accurate estimates.

We the take time to answer all your questions about roofing installation process. We can compare for you and scrutinize all the quotes you are getting from all the contractors.

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