Month: August 2022

The Consequences of Improper Roof Ventilation and How You Can Get it Fixed

Improper ventilation on the roof can result in a number of problems. One of the main issues is a short roof lifespan. The heat and the excess moisture cause the decking to rot and the metallic parts to rust. Here are the dangers of improper ventilation.  Water Damage Condensation forms when the temperature inside your home and that outside is 

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The Role of Heat and Sunlight on a Roof’s Lifespan

The importance of your roof’s lifespan cannot be understated. After all, when it starts to disintegrate, you’ll find your entire roof in jeopardy. All the more reason for you to take preventative action and ensure that you’re looking after your roof by taking care of it through maintenance. This article takes a deeper look into the effects of heat on 

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